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Supporting people with non-visible disabilities

Plan your Sunflower-friendly journey

Search for places that support people with invisible disabilities. This is a space for you to plan days out to shop, travel or be entertained with the Sunflower by your side.

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How far does the Sunflower lanyard travel?

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A space for your business to be

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What is the Sunflower lanyard?

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What is an invisible disability?

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Need help to social distance?



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New Sunflower-friendly spaces to be

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Non-visible disabilities in the workplace

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Levy UK + Ireland joins the Sunflower



  • Accessible fitting room

    Level or step-free access to an accessible fitting room

  • Accessible parking spaces

  • Accessible toilet

  • Assistance dog friendly

    We provide facilities for assistance dogs

  • Assistive listening

  • Audio description

  • Braille

  • Changing Places toilet

  • Companion/Carer access

    Check the Sunflower member’s website for details

  • Large print

  • Level access

    Level access is available and may include the use of lifts

  • Online tour

    Become familiar with the Sunflower member’s environment before your visit

  • Physical guided tour

    Book a guided tour of the Sunflower member’s environment

  • Quiet hour

    Check the Sunflower member’s website for details

  • Safe/quiet space

    Check the Sunflower member’s website for details

  • Seating available

  • Sign language

  • Step-free access

    Access is step-free but may include ramps or slopes