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Making the invisible visible

Making the invisible visible

A discreet way to indicate that you have a hidden disability

Not all disabilities are visible – some are hidden and not immediately obvious, such as learning difficulties, mental health as well as mobility, speech, visual or hearing impairments. Living with a hidden disability can make daily life more demanding for many people, but it can be difficult for others to identify, acknowledge or understand the challenges you face.

Be visible when you want to be

Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around you including staff, colleagues and health professionals that you may need additional support, help or a little more time.


  • Image of person being vaccinated
    Our NHS, Your Sunflower

    The Government's first phase COVID-19 vaccination priority groups ensure that the elderly, healthcare workers and the vulnerable are at the front of the queue. But what about those with a Hidden Disability?

    People with hidden disabilities could experience significant challenges during the COVID-19 vaccination process. These challenges could range from anxiety, an inability to process and retain information, issues caused by visual and hearing impairments; through to not being able to stand for long periods of time or having limited access to toilet facilities.

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    Face coverings and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

    On 11 January - as coronavirus cases continue to rise and England is in a third lockdown - the UK Government said it was getting tougher on face mask enforcement in supermarkets after infections and deaths across the country reached “crisis point.” On Tuesday 12 January, the big four supermarkets confirmed they would all be adopting a policy of refusing entry to non-mask wearers.

     We are extremely shocked, saddened and disappointed with growing public perception that every one that is not wearing a face-covering is fraudulently claiming that they are medically exempt from wearing one.

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  • Not every disabillty is visible - some are hidden
    A statement from Hidden Disabilities
    It has been brought to our attention there have been comments made on social media about the misuse of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. A number of social media users have claimed people are fraudulently using our Sunflower lanyard as a way of demonstrating their exemption from wearing face masks and that we, as a company, support that.
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  • Photo of book cover and inside spreads
    It's International Day of People With Disabilities.

    It's International Day of People With Disabilities. Today we join together to support and celebrate people living with disability in our communities. This anthology of poetry is a collection of engaging insights into a wide range of hidden disabilities. Entitled 'Hidden Disabilities and Me', the anthology forms part of our mission to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and the impact they have on people’s daily lives.

    Our aim is to make the invisible, visible.


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  • Image of man sitting wearing the Sunflower lanyard
    Heathrow Express launches the Sunflower
    We are delighted that Heathrow Express have joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, supporting people with a hidden disability to travel with confidence.  Heathrow Express said: "We know that travelling isn't easy for everyone, including those with a hidden disability. We believe everyone should be empowered to travel with confidence, and this is why we've joined the Hidden Disability Sunflower Scheme."
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  • Not every disability is visible - some are hidden
    Not all disabilities are visible - some are hidden
    Tomorrow is International Day of People With Disabilities – a day to increase awareness and breakdown barriers to inclusion.
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