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As a business member of the global Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network, you contribute to a positive impact on society so individuals living with a hidden disability can fully participate in your workplace, stores and venues.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower helps you to foster a culture in your business where:

  • someone feels safe to share that they have a hidden disability
  • talk about disability isn’t avoided
  • everyone has the same opportunities and a voice to impact the business


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Make a positive change today

Join the global Sunflower network

  • Inform your business

  • Expand your perspective

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Why join?

When your business joins Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, you tap into solutions to shape your support of customers and colleagues living with hidden disabilties. Your business benefits from access to tailored inspiration & inclusion tips. enjoys member discounts, and much more.


Learn with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower*


  • provide on-going training to your business with our Sunflower training and webinars
  • uncover essential insights with sector-specific advice and data


Expand your perspective of hidden disabilities*:



Be part of our Sunflower community*


  • connect with our wide-reaching hidden disabilities audience around the world
  • share your accessibility and inclusion stories through our social channels and our monthly newsletters
  • be known as a hidden disabilties inclusive business with your listing on Sunflower location map


Become a Sunflower Member in five easy steps

  1. Log in to your business account or if you do not have one, register here.
  2. Choose and subscribe to the Sunflower Membership that works best for your business today (available in the memberships section of our online shop)
  3. Purchase the Sunflower products you choose to provide for free to support your colleagues and customers with hidden disabilities
  4. Train your entire workforce using our Sunflower training videos*
  5. Launch and promote your Sunflower Membership to your community as well as the global Sunflower network*

*access restricted dependent on Sunflower Membership level

* Subject to Sunflower Membership level.