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Disabilities Form

The Sunflower lanyard is here for everyone that needs it, everyday of the year. It's a visual cue for the person wearing it to indicate that they may need additional assistance, understanding or time. 

So how can we raise awareness of non-visible disabilities?. . . by creating the world’s longest lanyard.

We believe that the more we all understand about the wide range of non-visible disabilities, chronic illnesses and conditions that our Sunflower wearers live with, the more everyone will be aware of their diverse access needs. Non-visible disabilities can be temporary or permanent and they are experienced differently by everyone. Not everyone with a condition experiences symptoms and for others, they can be so severe and debilitating that it impacts their life in significant ways. 

We can't do this alone. We need your help to reveal the world of invisible disabilities through the Sunflower lanyard. Each disability, condition or chronic illness that is added to our list below, increases the length of our lanyard. We're setting our sights high and aim to have captured so many different hidden disabilities that we'll produce the world's longest lanyard by the time our team head to Naidex in March 2023.

So please add a non-visible disability below and help take the Sunflower lanyard on this journey and share our world record attempt with as many people as you can! Let's tell the world about non-visible disabilities through the Sunflower lanyard.

Complete the form below and you'll become part of creating the world's longest lanyard.

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Non-visible disabilities and the Sunflower