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The Sunflower Conversations deliver a deeper understanding of the Sunflower's role in supporting people with non-visible disabilities. The topics are often personal and explore invisible disabilities through the prism of the Sunflower with guests hosted by members of the Sunflower team.  Listen and subscribe to our podcasts here.

While it’s easy to feel that your story can’t possibly make a meaningful difference, the truth is that it can influence individuals and the wider community. Whether you or someone you care about has a non-visible disability and wears the Sunflower, you can empower others living with am invisible disability and encourage people to support them by sharing your experience.  If you want to share your experience, get in touch with us by emailing us here.

  1. Tourette Syndrome and Autism with Martin Moxness
  2. Cochlear implant with Steven Mifsud
  3. In the air with Shannon Wandmaker
  4. FASD with Tristan Casson-Rennie and Jan Griffin
  5. Autism diagnosis with Bec Street
  6. Long COVID and autism with Linda Dalton
  7. Meniere's disease with Lorna Thomas
  8. Kidney Disease with Ayesha Edmondson
  9. The Sunflower Conversations – Marc Powell, RNIB about NaviLens and Kellogg's
  10. Crohns’ disease and Takayasu's with Artie Carden
  11. Acquired brain injury with Brooke Simon
  12. Epilepsy and surgery with Hannah Wilson 
  13. Cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, and anxiety with Bryony Moss
  14. Dyspraxia, dyslexia and dyscalculia with Fire Phoenix Rising
  15. Cerebral Palsy with Peta Hooke
  16. Bowel cancer, LARS syndrome and stoma with Amanda Strother
  17. Post-Concussion Syndrome
  18. Mark Powell, RNIB about NaviLens and Kelloggs
  19. Desmoid Tumour
  20. Erica has Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  21. Sue McIntosh and fibromyalgia
  22. Rob Heard talks about The Older Drivers Forum
  23. Kellie La Follet talks about radiation incident at the school she worked in
  24. Disability isn’t tragic
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