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The Sunflower icons

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The Sunflower icons


Whether your hidden disability is sight loss or a hearing impairment, not being able to stand for long periods of time or needing urgent access to toilet facilities, you can now discreetly highlight the type of support and care you might need. With these icons, you can visually sum up the type of support that you may need to communicate this quickly. Browse through the selection of icons below to work out if you want to include any one of them on your new card. You have space to add up to five icons but you only need to add the icons which are useful to you - you can add five or just one!

I have accessibility needs
Please ask me what they are

More time
I may need more time 
Please be patient and keep calm - I may need more time to complete an action or to communicate with you

Cannot stand for long
I cannot stand for long periods of time

I may need a place to rest, especially if I am in a queue

Need a seat
I may need a place to sit down and rest

Stairs and ramps
Stairs/ramps are a barrier to me
Is there an accessible route?

I may need urgent access to the closest toilet facility
Please assist me without questioning

I have a carer/personal assistant

They provide support and will need to accompany me

I have an assistance dog

Please give me space
Please give me space
I need your help to keep social distance

Safe place
I need a quiet/safe place
Is there a safe/quiet space I can use?

Sensitive to sound
I am sensitive to sound
Is there a quiet time or a quiet space?

Sensitive to light
I am sensitive to light

Is there a time or space where the lights are dimmed?

Sensitive to smell icon
I am sensitive to smell 

Sensitive to smoke
I am sensitive to smoke

Sensitive to smoke
I may need help lifting or carrying

Do not touch me
Do not touch me
Physical touch can cause distress and pain

Sight loss
I have sight loss
I have limited vision and may find access to visual information or
judging distance a barrier

Large print
I require large print

I use braille

Hearing impairment
I have a hearing impairment
Face me, speak clearly
but don’t shout and if necessary,
write your message down

I sign
I sign

Assistive Listening
I use assistive listening

Audio Description
I use audio description

Food allergy
I have a food allergy

Hidden disability
I have a hidden disability