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The Sunflower card - make it yours

The Sunflower card

Make it yours


Here at Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, we believe that while everyone is equal, we are not all the same. As part of our commitment to helping you feel confident that you will be supported with the extra time, care, patience or understanding that you may need when visiting businesses and organisations that have adopted the Sunflower we are launching a new range of Sunflower cards that you can make your own. Whether your hidden disability is sight loss or a hearing impairment, not being able to stand for long periods of time or needing urgent access to toilet facilities, you can now discreetly highlight the type of support and care you might need. 

Why make it yours?

In response to feedback from our Sunflower wearers about producing a wider variety of cards for specific hidden disabilities and the type of support that is needed for each one, Sunflower wearers will now be able to add this information on the back of our expanded range of Sunflower cards.

Rest assured, all our current Sunflower cards are still available and the new range maintains the same design on the front of each card. You can choose the original Sunflower card with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower logo and yellow sunflower on a green background to indicate that you have a hidden disability. Or, if you prefer, select one of our hidden disability-specific cards that clearly state the hidden disability on the front of the card.

So what is new? On the back of these cards, we give you the freedom to specify the type of help you may need.

1. Add your photo - upload a high-resolution, clear photograph of yourself

2. Add your name - add the name that you want people to use when addressing you

3. Add details of the type of help you need - use the generic description about having a hidden disability or replace it with a message specific to your hidden disability and the type of support you may need. It is important to only add information that you are comfortable for people to know about. 

4. Add icons - use one of our icons described below to provide a quick visual cue about the type of support you need. Check out our free poster that provides an overview of all the icons to print and hang somewhere for your colleagues or staff to refer to it. Download it here,

5. Add a contact - add a name and number to be contacted with your consent or in an emergency

Image of back of Sunflower card with numbers 1 to 5

The Sunflower icons

Find out more about the icons by clicking here.