We are happy to report that the launch of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower at the biggest entertainment park in the Netherlands, de Efteling, has been a huge success. We have already received plenty of positive reactions from Sunflower wearers that have recently visited the attraction.

This month we attended several meetings with large national organisations that included a restaurant chain and a supermarket chain. We are in the final stages of implementing the Sunflower with both these companies and colleagues will be trained in the coming weeks. We expect both organisations to launch in April.

We have taken some steps forward in the aviation sector this month. Several airlines are now talking to us and the Sunflower is now included in both crew training sessions and training manuals. While most colleagues are already aware of the Sunflower, we need to finalise specific details before these airlines officially launch.

Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

An image of Rotterdam Harbour. There is a little wooden boat with flags on in the foreground and a busy quay to the left.

From 1 April, a new museum will be Sunflower friendly. The Maritiem Museum Rotterdam recounts the history of the world's biggest harbour. With changing, contemporary exhibitions and activities, the museaum takes you on a journey through Rotterdam's maritime present, past and future.

Schiphol airport autism tour

A group of people stand on the tarmac and on steps that lead to an aircraft. They wear coats and Sunflower lanyards.

Recently we organised another Schiphol airport autism tour. A group of 15 autistic students from the REA college met us at Schiphol Airport where they were given a tour of the terminal by KLM flight attendants. We were shown every detail that’s needed in preparation for a flight. Two pilots then explained what they do before take off. The students gave very positive feedback about the event.

Shortly, we will be opening Sunflower lanyard distribution points at Utrecht and Amersfoort Central Station. All staff from these public transport companies will be trained to recognise the Sunflower.

 In the coming weeks we're visiting some city councils to deliver presentations about the Sunflower.  

 As always, there is a lot going on in the Netherlands and we expect to update you with lots more news next month.