Although December can sometimes be a quieter month when things are winding down for the holiday season, Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Netherlands and Belgium enjoyed a busy month.

We are very happy to report that de Efteling have now officially launched! Many Sunflower wearers were asking when de Efteling, an amusement park in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, would start to recognise the Sunflower, now all staff are trained and fully understand the meaning of the Sunflower and can offer a dedicated service to visitors with an invisible disability that choose to wear the lanyard.

Some time ago we delivered a presentation to the council of the city of Leiden who have since become Sunflower members. In 2023 we will work together with the council to further implement the Sunflower in Leiden. In January we have a meeting planned with the council of the city The Hague.

The first Dutch Podcast also launched during December. We are really proud of the first results. You can listen here

We have received great news from the province of Utrecht where a project has begun to launch the Sunflower across their public transport network. More news on this project should be available during January. This project will improve travelling by public transport for passengers with a hidden disability that choose to wear the Sunflower.

Students at Hoges School congregate. They chat animatedly

In December we completed preparations for the official launch of the Sunflower at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. All locations are equipped with Sunflower lanyards and cards so that upon returning to school in January they will be available for all students and staff that need one.

In January we have several meetings planned with different companies that want to join, from supermarkets to Zoos, restaurants and aviation.