Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Ireland were invited to join Sunflower members Shamrock Squad Adventures on their quarterly family walk in County Roscommon. Joined by Decathlon Ireland, FASD Ireland, Family Carers Ireland and Leave no Trace Ireland, the 4km walk took place around the Cloonlarge Loop in Kilteeven, including the Lilliput Way.

Shamrock Squad Adventures aims to provide a platform for families with additional needs, both visible and invisible, enabling them to participate in outdoor activities. The quarterly walks are planned in advance, including site visits from organisers Vika and Alina to ensure they are accessible to all.

We are delighted to announce that Shamrock Squad Adventures are our first regional partners in Ireland. 

For more information about Shamrock squad visit their website

A red theatre. Audience members clap. Some are standing.

We are really pleased that Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) have chosen to recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower for this year's event. We asked the Festival Committee to share with us why it was important for them to recognise people with non-visible disabilities:

“As part of our commitment to making the festival accessible to all, we are proud to announce our partnership with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. This scheme is designed to provide a discreet way for individuals with non-visible disabilities to communicate their needs to others. The Sunflower serves as a visual prompt for staff, volunteers and fellow festival-goers to recognise that the wearer may require additional assistance, understanding or extra time. Staff and volunteers will be trained to recognise the Sunflower, as we want DIFF to be welcoming to people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Dublin International Film Festival aims to bring together the best of Irish and international cinema. For over 20 years, the festival has been a platform for filmmakers of all types to share their work with our audience, both online and in person. The programme offers a diverse selection of films, spanning different genres, styles, and cultures, featuring both established and emerging filmmakers. Alongside the film screenings, the festival also offers a wide range of events such as workshops, panel discussions and meet-and-greets with industry professionals.”

The Dublin International Film Festival runs from Thursday 23 February – Saturday 4 March. For more information check out their website.