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From Gatwick Airport in 2016 to over 190 airports globally and our first airline in 2022

It’s a misconception that people living with a disability don’t want to, or can't travel. They do and they can. Globally one billion people live with some sort of disability and while some experience a disability that is visible, for many it is not visible. And they all have the right to travel and enjoy tourism.*








"Everyone has the right to travel, and everyone has the right to choose to travel and to where they want to go. And in order to experience the beauty of the world we live in and have everyone experience that, we have to make sure that our travel is for all."
Dania Mikdad Aladhami, Civil Engineer with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination

Our aim is a world where people with invisible disabilities are confident to travel independently knowing that they will receive the support that they may need at every stage of their journey. From the terminal to boarding the flight, on the flight and arriving at their destination!



View the full list of the airports here

Where will you go this year?

As travel slowly but surely begins to pick up again, consider some Sunflower-friendly airports as you pick up your passport and explore the world! 

Take the Sunflower with you as a luggage tag or a luggage strap so you can get the support you need as you travel through the airport and at your destination. Explore our travel shop and discover all the Sunflower items that will help make your journey Sunflower-friendly by clicking below:


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Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines increases awareness of invisible disabilities
Perth Airport logo
Perth Airport supports passengers with non-visible disabilities
Air New Zealand logo
Air New Zealand is the first airline in Oceania to join the Sunflower
Green Sunflower Lanyards with Auckland Airport logo
Auckland Airport brightens up travel for people with hidden disabilities
Photo of article
Times Union - Travelers with disabilities can get help with new lanyards
Albany Airport logo
Albany Airport launches Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
Fort Wayne logo
Fort Wayne International Airport is the first airport in Indiana to introduce the Sunflower
Photo of wrist with Sunflower wristband
IATA - Facilitating travel for those with invisible disabilities
Changi Airport logo
Changi Airport Group supports the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
Liverpool John Lennon Airport logo
Liverpool John Lennon Airport joins the Sunflower
British Airways logo
British Airways becomes the first UK airline to recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
Fairbanks International Airport logo
Fairbanks International is the first airport in Alaska to join the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program
Hermes airports logo
Larnaka and Pafos Airport join the Sunflower network
Stockholm Skavsta Airport logo
Stockholm Skavsta Airport is the first airport in Sweden to join the Sunflower
MSY logo
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport joins the Sunflower
Naples logo
Naples Airport joins Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
Heathrow Express logo
Heathrow Express launches the Sunflower
MSP logo
Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport adopts the Sunflower
Toronto Pearson logo
Pearson becomes the first airport in Canada to offer the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower
Teesside International Airport logo
Teesside International Airport signs up to the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Let the Sunflower speak for you

Do you dream of going somewhere but worry about not understanding or speaking the native language? It’s a valid concern, and one that can mean many travelers get stuck on where to travel or worse, to not travel at all.

Without knowing the language of the place you are visiting, it can be daunting to let people know that you have an invisible disability and may need extra support. We have translated our standard Sunflower card into languages most commonly used in popular travel destinations and, to help where the Sunflower is not widely recognised, we have also created and translated a card that explains its purpose. So don’t worry about not speaking the language, travel widely using our international Sunflower cards to help you get the support, assistance, or just that little more time when you need it.


Start exploring!
Illustration of Dutch Sunflower card


With the Sunflower, comes understanding

When was the last time you boarded a plane?