We are delighted that Ancona Airport is joining the global Sunflower network of international airports and flight companies offering their passengers with non-visible disabilities the opportunity to travel with confidence.

Those who need extra help, time and understanding at the airport can request a "Sunflower lanyard" at the check-in desk of their flight. Sunflower wearers don’t need to have booked Special Assistance to request a lanyard.  Staff, together with all the stakeholders operating in at Ancona airport, will be ready to support Sunflower wearers and their travelling companions.

Wearing the Sunflower does not grant access to the Security and Boarding fast track lane.

The Ancona International Airport is located in the Marche Region in the center of Italy. In the Marche, located on the Adriatic Sea, you can explore majestic Roman ruins, soaring Gothic architecture, massive medieval castles and sublime Renaissance palaces that house some of the richest art collections in Italy. All of this is nestled between high wooded mountains and the tranquil Adriatic coastline and topped off with mouth-watering gastronomic festivals.

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