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  • Nov 10, 2021

Learning to drive with a non-visible disability

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Raising awareness of the Sunflower and hidden disabilities means that more people will be aware that some of us live with a hidden disability and can face challenges in our daily lives. Let's make sure everyone knows that the Sunflower is there to indicate that someone who has chosen to wear it may need some additional support, understanding or a little more time and to always be shown kindness. 

What we're doing

We raise awareness in lots of ways. We help organisations and charities train their colleagues and encourage them to keep training them. We talk about the Sunflower and hidden disabilities ... a LOT. To everyone we know and meet. We publish Sunflower Stories, Sunflower Conversations and build relationships with individuals and groups all across the world. And we collaborate with organisations and individuals in our campaigns, most recently with National Highways. Take a look at our most recent campaigns below.


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