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The Sunflower location map

The Sunflower location map is where our Sunflower wearers can discover where you can shop, travel or be entertained with the Sunflower by their side. 

Bring your business to life here with information, photos and demonstrate how accessible you are. You can manage the information about your organisation by adding yourself to our Sunflower map as well as your company name or logo on our Sunflower Members page. *




Create public awareness that you have joined

We can support your launch and your ongoing campaign in a variety of ways. From supplying Sunflower posters, raising awareness to supporting you with a full media programme, we’re here to help make your Sunflower Membership a success.

All our Sunflower Members can browse through our Sunflower Media guide. It includes our social media handles and sample posts to promote your Sunflower-friendly organisation. Sector-specific implementation guides and access to our media gallery are available to our Professional and Corporate Sunflower Members. 


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* Access depends on your Sunflower Membership