Copyright, Trademark and the Law 

In the UK, the law relating to copyright is set out in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (CDPA1988).

Tabbers created the Sunflower logo design, lanyard design and associated Hidden Disabilities marketing and design for the Hidden Disabilities scheme. In return for supporting this scheme and providing design, print and marketing services at no cost, the Tabbers owned design for the Hidden Disabilities scheme and supply of the official lanyards to its supporters has solely been promoted by the founders. Organisations that have adopted the scheme, including all major airports, rail companies, NHS, supermarkets etc. are required to buy the official lanyards from Tabbers to become part of the scheme. The official ’Tabbers' design is now widely recognised and subject to copyright protection.

Unfortunately, there are some organisations who are clearly trying to copy the design and sell unofficial (and inaccurate) copies of our Lanyards, which is misleading to the organisations and users of the lanyards and potentially exposes wearers to staff at organisations who may not have the knowledge or training to cater for the needs of people with Hidden Disabilities.

By nature of the fact that Tabbers created the design, the design is copyright protected although can be used under licence. Please contact us for further information if you wish to use the design. We do allow organisations who wish to use the official logo on workwear or advertising to do so under a copyright licence.

The scheme, logo, design and term ‘Hidden Disabilities’ are protected under a UK Trademark ensuring that no further, unofficial, schemes can portray themselves as part of the scheme.